Galvanized gas oven

Galvanized gas stove dome of the flame, produced with thick galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet is generally used for the production of cabinets and gas ovens and cooking appliances and the reason for its use is the quality and high resistance of this metal to heat and pressure.

Gonbad Sholeh, the largest manufacturer of gas ovens in northern Iran, has produced reliable gas ovens using 40 galvanized thick sheets. The thicker the sheet, the better the quality of the body and ultimately the baking of the bread

All gas ovens have the ability to install electric chickens

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Galvanized gas stove dome flame code GTS101

Galvanized gas stove dome flame code GTS101

Home gas oven is a great and suitable device for baking bread, cakes, sweets, pizza, chicken and oth..

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