Home gas oven is a great and suitable device for baking bread, cakes, sweets, pizza, chicken and other similar foods at home. Gas oven is similar to gas oven and is used in general dimensions in the home. All-steel GTS401 gas oven, with two flames at the top and bottom, and a 32 cm cast iron plate that is used for baking bread and cakes.

The gas oven also has two oven trays for baking pastries, pizza and chicken, and you can also use an electric turntable if needed. If necessary, check the purchase of the revolving chicken when registering the order.

The dimensions of the oven are suitable for use in the home and kitchen. The dimensions of the height are 50 and the length is 45 by 44 cm.

It is easy to use and turn on the gas oven, just after connecting the gas hose to the installed part and observing the gas safety tips, turn on the gas volume and then turn on the low flame and the high flame. For your convenience, a manual for using the oven will be sent to you.

Why should we use a gas oven?

The question that may come to your mind why use a gas oven while there are gas or electric ovens, we will answer this question in several parts, initially the price of a gas oven is much lower and more economical than gas or electric ovens On the other hand, the quality of cooking and naturalness in the gas oven is much higher than the electric oven due to the direct flame at the top and bottom.

Technical specifications of all steel stove gas flame dome code GTS401:

Has a double oven

It has a 32 cm cast iron plate

It has two flames

Spread the flame

Has a user manual

Has a one-year warranty and 5 years after-sales service

Oven dimensions: 50 x 45 x 44 cm (medium household size)

How to order a gas oven

For quick and easy ordering, just click on the shopping cart button at the top of this page and then click on the clearing button and fill out the order form.

How to pay for a gas stove: You either pay in full or you pay a statement and the rest when you send. If you choose the second method, please contact the sales unit.

Fast delivery to all of Iran in less than 72 hours:

With special delivery services, the gas oven will reach you in less than three days.

Professional after-sales service and customer orientation Flame Dome:

We will be with you for up to 5 years after purchase, and if you have any problems, we will gladly solve them and replace the consumables of the oven, such as glass, etc., for you.

Free sales and consulting unit of Flame Dome gas oven:




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All-steel gas stove dome flame code GTS401

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